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Drive, Chip, Putt Junior Clinic

Junior Clinic


August 21-24

Location: Huntmore Golf Club

Time: 9:00am - 11:00am

What to bring: Golf shoes (soft spikes), shorts, collard shirt / t-shirt,

sunscreen, water container, golf clubs w/bag

What to expect:

9:00 – Arrival / Parent Drop-Off

9:15am – Introduction

9:30am –Skill Introduction

10:15 – Skill progression

11:30am - Parent Pick-Up

Lunch daily

Cost: $180


Each participant will compete in all three skills (Drive, Chip & Putt).

Participants will accumulate points in each skill. The participant with the

highest number of accumulated points will be declared the Overall

Champion of his or her age category.

In the case of tie in the overall score, the putting rank will serve as the tie

breaker (followed by 1) chipping and 2) driving if necessary).

Awards will be held on Thursday, parents are encouraged to be in attendance for competition.

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